About cheri22

Born and raised in the Vancouver area of British Columbia. Cheri is raising 2 beautiful girls along with her loving husband and 1 cat. Cheri has been psychic all of her life. From conversations with those who have passed from a very young age, to premonitions of things to come. Her love to help people and her psychic abilities combined have brought passion and understanding into her life. A love for learning, Cheri continues to work on strengthening her gifts, to continue to offer insight into your life and the journey ahead as well as teaching you how to connect to your own guides.

Cyber Monday FUN!!!

26th Nov 2018

I wanted to do something a bit different for Cyber Monday. I know these are huge shopping days and I could easily offer a discount on my services… but sometimes it’s also about helping people who might just need that [...]

Positive thinking – Visual techniques for trying to conceive

14th Nov 2018

I will probably mention this till I am blue in the face, its always important to remain positive. Even when things seem at their worst, a positive attitude will see you through. I have mentioned to countless woman who were seeking my [...]