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Introducing a new aspect on my website! This is a “guest” on my website for awhile who I have used myself and trust! She has amazing insight and approaches her readings in a unique and exciting way! All options listed below are all done through SILKE.
. (all monies collected from reading purchased below are all sent to Silke’s paypal account directly.) Should you any questions or issues with any purchases please email Silke directly.


My name is Silke and enjoy looking at the art of astrology. When looking at your chart its like I can see a life print of who you are and where you are going. I oftentimes question if we choose this path or if its just a path we must take to grow.

Ive always been interested in the metaphysical. Ive studied astrology since I was a child and its like a second language for me. I’ve also been gifted with dreams that foretell of future events and I have come to accept this ability.

If you need some guidance or answers to feelings, situations, or events happening in your life or would like information about your future I can provide this for you. The planetary influence effect us all in different ways according to our charts. Even with bad energy, the best advice was given to me by my grandmother who has had ability all her life as wee are very connected is that *this too shall pass*.


Base Reading: $10.00 US This reading provides you answers to three questions in your life relating to life,finance and forecast into the immediate future. I will look at the astrological influences affecting you at the present time.


Deluxe reading:$20.00US This reading includes the base reading as well as a deeper look into relationship questions and a more in depth look at your future for the next few years.


Supreme Reading $30.00US :This reading includes the deluxe reading, but also will include a more indepth look at pregnancies to come, children here and any family members you may have questions about.


Rush Delivery Options -

Rush Delivery Options

30 comments on “Other

  1. Jessica Clark on said:

    I was hoping to win one of the 3 free readings I want to find out some information on trying to concieve baby #3 please help me I have been through so much this las few years and ty in advance :)

  2. Misty Broadney on said:

    Just wanted to comment and say I got a reading from Silke a few weeks ago and LOVED it. She’s very personable, and was spot on about a lot of things. Her comment about my question “When will we conceive our second child” was ” I see some strong pregnancy aspects for August/September. If not then within the next few months.” – This was absolutely CORRECT. I got pregnant and got my BFP August 21st. Sadly, it ended in a m/c on the 30th of August. I am hoping she is still right with September, and we conceive right away again!

    I would definately order another reading, and recommend her to anyone else!!!

  3. i just wanted to know can i get a free reading. i want to know when i will conceive my first baby. and if possible what will be the gender. please i have being trying to conceive for 4 years now. i want a baby so bad please cheri give me more hope

  4. Lorenda on said:

    I just want to say hi and I have heard a lot of good things about you and to ask how to go about getting a reading. I have had a tr and we have been trying for 19 months and still nothing and wanted to get a reading for u

  5. Angelina linares on said:

    i was wondering if i can have a brief reading done. i suffered a miscarrige a few months ago and was wondering when i would concieve again?

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  7. Sarahz on said:

    Just wondering which reading to choose as I would like to know if you see us having baby number 4 in the future?

  8. Shay on said:

    Hello I came to Cheri after hearing about her from a friend, she gave me a reading that I would conceive or give birth in Feb. which came out to be a due date of march 4 apI found out 7/8/13 , she told me about my daughter etc, the doctors told me yesterday that my numbers are decreasing so it’s more than likely a miscarriage, I regretted the reading then again when I found out I was excited, wondering what is the result of a reading that stated a delivery and it’s being said to be a lost

  9. Kyla Strader on said:

    Hi Cheri,,,Just wanted to see if you received my scramble relation question..Normally I hear frfrom from normally I hear from you letting me know when I could expect the answer..Thanks Cheri

  10. Had a reading from cherri and she told me I would get my positive I’m November she was spot on :-) told me I was having a girl soon finding out if she was correct on that also!!! Thanks so much Cherri defo recommend your services.

  11. jessica on said:

    Me & my husband have been trying to conceive for 5 years with no luck. I have low estrogen n I tried Clomid with now success . When will I conceive my first child or am I just ment to? Please help put my mind at ease

  12. Hallo, I would like to ask for a Free Reading. I would like to know the gender and time of conception/birth of my next child. I already have one child and no losses. Looking forward to hear from you.


    Hallo, I would like to ask for a Free Reading. I would like to know the gender and time of conception/birth of my next child. I already have one child and no losses. Looking forward to hear from you.

  14. Ashley on said:

    Hello how can I win a free fertillity reading ? I’m in desperate need after having so many bad thing happening to me lately I just need some answers I tried to buy a reading and my card was canceled now cause I was scammed and owe $2000 to the bank :( I’m have a hard time and having a reading should be a true blessing :) please help us thank you so much

  15. Im very interested in having a reading done, i would be blessed if you could possibly do a free reading on my partner and i.
    We are trying to conceive and have had a miscarrige a few months back.
    My gifts include dreaming both lucid and forsight. I have had several dreams all positive towards a child however i feel that i may be influencing these dreams with my own desires.
    Thank you and i look forward to your response.


  16. Veronica on said:

    Hi Cheri, I had a pregnancy reading done by you back in 2009/10 (I can’t remember which year.) You said you saw the month of November… it never came/happened… :(

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