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Wondering why all psychics dont see the same things?

16th Sep 2008

I have had quite a few people ask me this over the years, that when they have gotten readings from other psychics as well as myself, why we all dont have the same insight. I always explain that I can’t speak for other people, and try and explain how I see things and perhaps touch base on why others might pick up other information. So to be able to give you all points of view, I have emailed Brooke777, Cheri Mancuso, & Elizabeth and got their insight into how they see things and the information they pull through and possibly why others might see it differently. Since its my blog, I get to go first! lol

For my readings, I rely on the use of not only my guides (Tomas and Serlina) but intuition, channeling and automatic writing. What I am shown first is a connection to a month, just one will pop up into my mind, and a gender. I relay both of these to my client right away. To start with the reading of personality, I am shown images, like of people, doing specific tasks. So lets say that your son really likes swimming, I am shown someone swimming. Say your son likes dogs, they show me a dog. I usually will see this dog in size, and again will relate any details that they show as its possible that this dog might be a pet you have now as well.

Same thing with personality, they show me perhaps this person being busy, or stubborn..etc.. it all boils down to the interpretation of what I am shown.

When I am wrong, It could be alot of things, it could be that someone had a m/c and did not realize it, thus the order was incorrect that I provided. It could be that the image I was shown, was mis-interpreted. To the best of my ability I try and pass the information that i am shown, trying to explain how its relayed. Sometimes comes across really funny and really makes no sense to me, but usually this person knows what it means and relates to them really well.

So for me, the reason why not all psychics might not be passing the same information, boils down to what they are working with and the interpretation of what they receive. I like to ask what pregnancy number someone is on, and to include any losses as this helps me put everything into the right order. I prefer not to be given tons of information and just what I ask. This allows my mind to be clear and not to have information that might cloud what is given. Usually I can pick up if there is a fertility issue and will often mention things like this if it comes through for me to tell them.

Same thing with remote viewing. I tend to be able to pick up aspects when needed. Buildings, directions/locations to new houses and jobs, timeframes for new opportunities. etc. I try and pass as much information as I can pertaining to the question as possible. I am always available for questions about the reading provided. I also love updates and feedback (good or bad) about the readings I provide as it helps me fine tune my interpretation skills.

So if you receive a reading from someone (including myself) and you just dont seem to connect with some of the information that was given, dont be afraid to ask questions. Get the reader to clarify the aspects of the reading your not sure about. Perhaps there is a better way, or better interpretation that will make more sense.

here is what the others had to say.


So people want to know why we all don’t see the same? I think it depends on each reader’s ability to “connect” with the individual posing the question, don’t you think? Also, if a reader is tired, sick, or drained, the likelihood of an accurate reading is slim. I know I cannot read AT ALL if I have a headache, or not feeling up to par.Also, the different readings can be attributed to the reader’s ability to accurately interpret the messages they receive, either via cards or pure clairvoyance/clairaudience. I really think it all boils down to the connection. For me, to be better able to connect, being a “visual” person, I prefer to look at the person’s photo. And while I ask the question, I look directly at the photo or I close my eyes and see a mental image of the person’s face. As I am visualizing the face, and speaking the question aloud, I shuffle the cards. I “sense” when I’ve done enough shuffling, and then proceed to cut the deck into five piles. I then turn over the top card on each pile, and they tell me a story. Sometimes additional info comes up that was not asked about, but pertains to the question. For example if I ask if someone will get pregnant this year, they’ll tell me “yes” but “medical assistance” is needed. Or sometimes the person’s fears and anxieties will appear that lets me know that this may be the cause of the delay, and really needs to work on thinking positively. (Hard to do at times, I know!) To determine a time-frame for conception or BFP, I’ll ask the cards in a yes/no format, narrowing it down to a 2 or 3 month window. Many times I have to re-ask and re-ask again to get an answer, and once I do, I ask again to ask if that was correct.

– My website:


Hi Cheri,I also get asked the same question and here’s what I answer to them.If a medium / psychic is legitimate, then all other psychics will get pretty much the same predictions if doing prophecy. I have been told that a lot of my information even matches what astrologers have told them.Some mediums are better at prophecy ( like myself since that’s what I prefer to do, while other mediums are better at only getting messages from loved ones.Since I’m known for 22 years as a Physical / Medium then I become the person I read and get health, love, career etc. My Guides tell me what is most important in their lives at the time I read them. I also have worked with the police on missing persons etc.A psychic who needs to use cards in order to tell the future won’t usually have the ability to do what a medium who either HEARS Spirit or SEES actual events can do. I see things when I tune into a person. I see 24 hours a day 7 days a week Everytime I close my eyes, it’s like watching television for me..I’m a visionary so I see actual people, events, numbers, names timing etc.Cheri Mancuso


My Readings: There are many different ways intuitive or psychics can connect with others and receive information about the past, present and future. I have had the gift of foresight my entire life but really strengthened my skills and learned how gifted I was when I became a Theta Brain Wave Practitioner. Theta is a type of energy work in which you learn to how to take yourself into a Theta Brain State on command. There are many different brainwaves that our brains operate in and in the Theta state your brain waves slow down and you are in a very special and very deep meditation which is extremely powerful. It was originally discovered by Vianna Stibal who cured herself of many health ailments using Theta. While taking the Theta classes I discovered that while in this state of mind I could see an amazing amount of information about the person sitting next to me. Many of the exercises in these courses involved doing Theta on a partner and soon everyone wanted to ask me specific questions about their lives to see if I could answer it correctly. Even I was shocked to find that I could recite my partners income to the exact number correctly, see health conditions in people without them telling me, and even connect with loved ones that had passed and recite information about their loved ones lives accurately. Soon I began to practice connecting with people in other states, even other countries and found that the majority of the information I received about them was in fact true. I was already reading tarot cards for fun at this time and realized that these two modalities combined create really great and accurate readings when done on friends and family. I began using Theta on my patients (I’m an acupuncturist) and not only could I see health conditions they had forgot to mention or didn’t know about, but I could better treat them and relieve them of their symptoms much faster than just acupuncture alone. It really is amazing! These are the tools I use to do readings for people today-Theta and Tarot Cards. I start with a Theta meditation in which I sit for about 1 hour in the Theta state. I connect with Creator or the Higher Power of all that is (whatever you want to call it) and ask for any information possible about whomever I am doing a reading for. An array of words, images and feelings about that person pop into my mind and flow through my body and I make a note of them all. Sometimes it is very important information or just tidbits about someones life, like their favorite food or the name of their significant other. While I am in this state I ask the questions my clients are seeking insight into and get information about their past, present or future or all three. I ask for an overview of what is going on in their lives, what might happen in the future and with some clients I do healing work if requested. When the information I am receiving begins to slow down, I disconnect from my client and come out of the Theta state. I then write down every little thing I saw or heard during the process. Sometimes it makes sense right away, sometimes it makes no sense to me at all, but I try to figure out how these bits of information apply to a persons life. After the Theta portion, I do a Tarot reading to further get answers to people’s questions which often corresponds and reinforces what I got during Theta. Most people get a kick out of the Theta portion especially because I get some pretty funny things. Sometimes I will recite a conversation they had the night before or pick up what song they were listening to on the way to work. Overall, I’ve found my readings to be quite accurate but of course no one is always 100%. The strength of my connections with people vary according to what going on with them, how I’m feeling or just the strength of our energies together overall. This is why sometimes I need some extra time to do my readings. I use myself as somewhat of a vessel to connect with you and sometimes I don’t get as good of a connection as I would like, whether it is because I’m not feeling well or it just is not the right time to do the reading. If I don’t get the connection I would like, I wait and try again later. It also takes some time to complete readings due to the time and energy spent on each one- a 2 question reading is usually between 4-8 pages long. It is a very detailed, personal and special process that I do with great care and love.I’m sure people wonder why different psychics get different answers at times…We all have different methods, different gifts and can interpret information different ways. I am often right but can also be is just the way life is. No matter what we say, you have an immense power over your own life. I find that my readings give guidance, hope and excitement to my clients which is very gratifying for me. My readings clue people in to the current energies at work in their lives while opening their eyes to sometimes undreamed of opportunities in the future. Readings are often a great tool to guide you in the direction you want to go and see what life really has to offer. I thoroughly enjoy running my website and doing readings for people, the happiness, excitement and renewed hope my clients relay to me after they have gotten a reading is priceless and something I really cherish. My ultimate goal is to do readings full-time; so thank you for your interest, your business and helping me on my path to make MY dreams come true.

Love and Light to you,


One comment on “Wondering why all psychics dont see the same things?

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Interpretation of what is being given is a lot of it. I know that what you recieve can be confusing. You don’t know the people you are reading for. and Some people are just difficult to get anything from.

    I was told a long time ago, that sometimes what spirit gives can make no sense until the situation comes to pass. I have to agree, sometimes people dismiss what is being said, saying its not possible.. and then come to find out it is.


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