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The good, the bad and the ugly?

27th Sep 2012

As most of you already know, I went to the John Holland and Doreen Virtue lecture on the 22nd of September. I am unsure if I posted on my face book page or not, that I had a dream that I was interacting with John during the lecture and learning. I am not sure I remember the specifics of the dream, but I remember seeing round tables. When we got to the lecture, you can imagine my surprise when it turned out that there was seating for over 700 people! All the chairs where in a line, and there were three sections. So left, middle and right. Each section having about 250 chairs. I was a bit disappointed as I really thought this was a workshop. A way for us to strengthen the skills that we already have, and perhaps open the door to further development.

I was still excited. Tania, from Eternity Readings and her friend Jenny both had to go to the washroom and I headed in. The seating was filling up fast. Based on the dream I had, we had been sitting on the left side of the room, so I decided it was best to stick with that. Sat down beside an older woman named Kathy who apparently has attended many lectures and was there that day to see Doreen and had no clue as to who John Holland was. She really felt that he was more of an “opening act”.

John Holland has amazing energy! Is always upbeat, friendly and hilarious! This is a great way to get the energy up in the room and help spirit to manifest. I really believe this as not only did he mention that, but James Van Praagh does the same thing during his lectures too!, The more happy everyone is, the more energy present the more the readings can come through!.

We were about halfway through his lecture, and he was doing readings, and made the person with the microphone stop right beside Kathy who was on my right. He knew right away that he was going to be in that general area with the reading that came next. He started to mention sign language, and Tania knew it was her sister. He picked up the fact that they were twins, but not alike (her sister had Down Syndrome) and that she loved to paint. He even mentioned that he saw a baby wrapped in blue, to which Tania admitted she was currently trying to conceive. Lets just say, that it was a very emotional night for Tania, as well as for myself and Jenny. Although I never met her sister Dina, the emotion coming through Tania, and what was in the room was just flooring.

John mentioned that he could connect with anyone who has passed, no matter how long they had been gone for, or at what age they had passed. This brought me comfort. Even though my mother did not come through at this time, I was not sad for me. I was content at having gone, and excited for Tania.

We had a 2 hour intermission (or was it an hour and a half?) where they allowed us to go and eat. I had left my jacket on my seat, and found it a bit cold outside. Having had a subway sandwich while we sat and chatted. Going over everything that he said to her moments before.

After lunch break was over, we headed back in to finish the lecture with Doreen Virtue. This was the first lecture I had been to either one of them, so my expectations of what to expect was low.

Doreen came on the stage in a more somber expression, more relaxed and low tone than how John showed up. She went through a meditation that seem to be scattered rather than something that was focused and to bring you peace. This is probably at the same point that I started to see shadows around people. While watching Doreen, behind her was a shadow, but while you tried to focus on the shadow it moved. I tried looking around the room and you would see a shadow around other people, but when you paid attention and looked harder, trying to really understand what you were seeing it would disappear. I have never had that happen before, but one of John’s messages is to never second guess or rule out what your seeing. Too many people unaware of their gifts potential second guess the images and words they are given and assume its something more “logical”.

I think that the overall impression of Doreen was that she was too mellow. People seemed to be not as “energetic” with her.. a more sobering experience. She decided to start right away into medium ship readings and I think that this is where things turned ugly. I know that no psychic is 100% accurate. Tonight was an off night for Doreen. The readings that she did, seemed to be 50/50 for her. Halfway through the event, people started to leave, head to the bathroom and not come back.

Kathy, the woman beside me, who was eager to see Doreen, was one of those people. It was disappointing. I think that where she really lost me, was her comment that she’s been on UFO’s more than once, and some comment about unicorns. Although I believe in aliens, I am still unsure what to make of “abductions” or even “visits” on a UFO.

I took a small break to go to the bathroom as unfortunately Doreen’s part of the lecture was dragging on. Although both her and John Holland had 2 hours to speak, hers seemed to be 4 (or felt like that).

In the Washroom was another person attending the lecture. She took confided in me the disappointment in Doreen. Explaining how she came there to see her and did not even know who John Holland was, and yet at that point was more impressed with John.

At the end of the event, we headed over for a book signing. I had purchased his Oracle Tarot Deck to which he signed. I asked him to come visit and do a lecture in Vancouver/Canada. He told me he needed to be invited first. I told him I just invited him! He had a chuckle, and his assistant mentioned that he needs 500 people in order to do the lecture, so I invited him to my house instead! He jokingly said that I would keep him in the closet and then pull him out when I needed a reading! He has a wicked sense of humor!

So, what did I take out of this event? Aside from knowing that no psychic is 100% even well known ones, and that according to John and Doreen both, we are all alike. All of us are psychic and vibrate at different levels. That there are others that are more in tuned and in practice to their gifts, than others, but in the end, we are all the same and all have the same abilities. Its a matter of waking those up and realizing your full potential.

Both John and Doreen mentioned that your spirit guides will utilize the information that you already know. So if your just starting out, its obviously about interpretation. Your guides will give you visions, ideas and feelings that will connect to the knowledge already in your brain. Its just up to you to translate what your seeing in order for it to make sense. I think that this too is why not all psychics see the same thing. It boils down to life experience and the interpretation of what you have been shown.

For example, lets say that I predicted that your child would be a orthodontist, but perhaps he would be an ortho surgeon. If I never heard of an ortho Surgeon before then my guides would provide me the next closest interpretation.

All in all, this was an event that I am happy that I went to, and would gladly go again.

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  1. Hope Lauren Lagden on said:

    This was so helpful for me hun and answered why I keep seeing my guides as weird shadow forms when i am half awake in the middle of the night! xo

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