Welcome! If you are currently trying to conceive, or already pregnant and you would love to learn about your child to come, then this option is perfect for you! All I would need to know is your pregnancy history – how many times in total you have been pregnant including any losses.

This special is available for a limited time.

Here is how you get your FREE reading:
EMAIL cheri22@gmail.com with FREE READING SPECIAL in the subject line, and include your pregnancy history! (how many times you have been pregnant including any losses) That’s it! Please allow 3 days for your completed reading

Interested in something more in-depth? If you would like their personality traits, their likes and dislikes, your pregnancy and labor information and anything that your child would like you to know, you can purchase my Special – cheri22.com/secret

This will allow you to connect with your child before they are even here 😍