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Life Readings


Relationship Scrambler $20.00 (CAD)

This option solely focuses on the relationship to be, or already in place. Will help you better understand the path that you are on, along with what might be causing any relationship struggles and how to overcome them. (If its about a relationship already in place, your partners name is beneficial).




Life Reading 1 questions $25.00 (CAD)

This option will cover one aspect of life – any question/area that you wanted to have covered.



Life Explorer $30.00 (CAD)

Will include up to three life questions in depth (can be love,financial,career, etc) (can be mixed/matched with life questions and children, for a total of THREE)



Life MAX $35.00 (CAD)

This reading allows you to ask up to 5 questions/areas about various aspects of your life. This reading will also include a past/present/future card spread using the John Holland Oracle Tarot deck along with how it applies to your life.

Life Max Options



In-depth readings on children already here

Already done with having children but would love insight on your child(ren) already here? This option is perfect for you! You can have focus on a specific area if the child is older, or allow a full indepth personality information with career and insight!






Connection with a loved one who has passed over $20.00 (CAD)

This option allows you to connect with someone who has passed over and you wish to hear that they have made it. Connections often include personal details like how the person looked, certain aspects of their life that were significant, including confirmation from how they have passed. Allowing you the knowledge that they are close by and always looking out for you. All that is needed is a first name of the person your looking for (please note – I am successful 95% of the time in contacting the one you are looking for, but at times others have come through first and this can not be controlled.)



Meet your Guide! $15.00 (CAD)
Want to know who your guides is? This option will give you insight into which guide is currently helping you in your life. Whether they are your main guide and on this journey with you, or if they are here for a specific purpose or life lesson. This reading can help you connect with them! Providing you with information about what they look like, their name and what you can expect from them!



Pendulum Readings:Pendulum readings can be a great add on to your life in order to provide quick insight into your life and what is currently happening. Often able to confirm what you already know, or to help point you in the right direction. Please refrain from asking questions pertaining to specific timelines (example – will I be pregnant within 6 months from now) as its more difficult for the pendulum to answer those questions as they often require more indepth insight (which is not included in this reading)



*DISCLAIMER* – My predictions are not meant to change any ones lives and do not want someone to change their lives based on my predictions. Do not take my predictions over the advice of your DR’s. I hope that you keep my predictions in mind, so when it happens, you can say “I knew that!”

Terms and Conditions

Cheri22 readings are for entertainment purposes only and are only suitable for those aged 18 or over No responsibility or liability is, can or will be accepted by anyone involved with Cheri22 for actions taken as a result of readings or advice obtained from this site. It is always your own responsibility to exercise your own judgment and trust your own feelings when making decisions and choices about your life. No medical, financial, legal or other specialist advice will be given – if in doubt you should always consult a qualified professional. I collect the minimum amount of personal information to enable an accurate reading and will respect your privacy and not pass any information on to third parties or to use it for any purpose other than to offer readings, therapies and healing. All readings are entirely confidential and will never be discussed or disclosed to any third party. Cancellations: The purchase of an individual and personalized reading grants you access to the skills of Cheri22 and my guides. From the moment you place your order, your situation could be being contemplated and the process to deliver your reading to you underway. As a result, no cancellation will normally be considered. Refunds: I believe that you will be delighted and amazed with your reading. However, should the content of the reading not meet your expectations – no refunds will be given as I offer no guarantee as to the accuracy or relevance of the material. My accuracy is usually around 90% and I do my best to provide you with an accurate reading with my guides. I am always open to questions and feedback about your reading and willing to clarify anything of which I am shown to help you better understand your reading. As the feedback that I receive is always positive I believe your experience will be as well.

36 comments on “Life Readings

  1. Krystal Johnson on said:

    I would like to know my future with my current relationship. How do I go about that?

    • cheri22 on said:

      Hi Krystal,

      if you have not already, you can purchase the relationship scrambler. This is the best option to help look into the your relationship:)

  2. Shundreka Randolph on said:

    I would pick the connection to a love one or a RTC reading if that was an option for the contest.

  3. Aleasha Wheeler on said:

    I would pick Connection with a loved one who has passed over! Although Idk if I’d would hear from my daddy or my brother. They died two years apart.. Might get two and see lol Or should I just get one?

    • Alesha, it would be wise just to pay for one of the connection options, as its possible they would end up coming together regardless:)

  4. Mickala on said:

    Hello i have tryed to purches something from you but it wont go through :( i really wanted the reading of when i will conceive… I think what you do is amazing and cant get enough of it…. Please could you let me no how i could find out about when i will concieve thanks mickala xx

    • I believe that you emailed me about this as well?? I am pretty sure that I have already replied:) If the site is not working, sometimes sending the amount through your own paypal account to will work as well. Hope this helps.

  5. Lorenda on said:

    yes I would like to buy a reading from you. We are trying to get preggo with our first tr baby and I have heard lots about ur readings and would love to try it

    • For those of you wishing to purchase a reading, you can look above and use the “buy it now” links. It will take you to paypal to complete your purchase. Services/Rates page also has a list of readings that you can choose from.

  6. Jodi mckie on said:

    I would just like to thank you ever so much. Last year I sent for a conceiving prediction from yourself. You were spot on:-) you told me I would have a little boy in January. My little boy was meant to be born In January but due to him being breached I was sectioned in December. Thank you very much for helping me out and giving me the hope. My self and my partner had been trying for so long and I was beginning to give up hope. But then I came across your website, and the reading I got made me look on the bright side and your were spot on. Thank you very much. Jodi x

  7. Lauren on said:

    Hi Cheri!,

    I just purchased the Bypass for $12.00, but meant to purchase the Sibling Express for $18.00. Is there anyway I can pay you an extra $6.00 through paypal and change my order to the sibling express? Please let me know! Thank you :)


  8. Kendra on said:

    Hi Cheri, I tried to purchase the bypass package for 12 dollars with my card, but it wouldnt let me. How do I go about buying it if the transaction wont go through?

  9. i would like to know will we conceive our first child this year (2013) or next year (2014) and what sex? please thank you

  10. stacey on said:

    hi i have payed for the life explorer with 48hrs im just wondering will you email me for questions ect before doing my readings thanks stacey

  11. Jeanette Rouw on said:

    Hi, i was just wondering If i paied for a Pregnancy prediction Can i receive it sooner then 6-8weeks? I had asked for a free pregnancy prediction but i would rather pay for it and get it sooner then 6-8weeks. If that is possible?

  12. Amanda on said:

    I am interested in buying a reading for connection with a loved one… I was just wondering how that works? I see where I can “Buy it Now”… How long after I send payment will I get my reading? And how will you contact me for the reading once I pay you?

  13. I paid the 18.00 for my 3 questions but I don’t see where to ask them at? I want to know what the future holds for my husband and myself. I want to know what the future holds for my job. And I want to know if anyone that I love that has passed over has any instructions for me?

  14. I really hope this is the real deal. I was referred to you by someone else. But I’m getting a bit skeptical with not having a place to ask questions except the comment box.

  15. I was just wondering what information do I need to send to you
    whenever I email you for the free screening?

  16. I own a free reading back during the summer involving a connection with a loved one. How long after are we allowed to ask questions about our reading because I had something come to mind about it. However the reading was very accurate withe information given!!!

  17. Melissa mcfarland on said:

    Hi, I have an 18$ credit, I would like the 25$ life max (5 questions), can you help me please?

  18. Fay Geale on said:

    I paid $18 last night via pay pal. For 3 questions I am not sure how to get these questions to you. Also please excuse typing as my son spilt coke cola over keyboard and this is now how it types .Things have pretty nasty at my place and I really need some help.
    Best Wishes