Tarot cards can be a great addition into providing insight into our lives and the path that we are on. Able to provide insight and encouragement in the areas that we need it most. Below you will find many options that can be used to compliment your life. Your guides would love to help provide you guidance using the many tarot decks and my own intuition on how the cards connect to your current situation.



Spirtual Guidance

This option allows you to have insight directly from your guides. Using the Archangel Oracle Reading Tarot Deck, one card (or three depending on the option) will be chosen with the direction from your guides. This will focus on life lesson or a current life path, that is either happening now, or will be within the next 6 months. Along with the information about the card, will be the interpretation I am shown and how it fits into your life. Option A – allows one card to be drawn – includes the insight into the meaning of the cards and how it applies to your life Option B – allows three cards to be drawn – includes the insight into the meaning of the cards and how it applies to your life






Past/Present/Future life spread! $15.00 (CAD)
Using the John Holland Oracle Card Deck I will have your guides choose three cards from the deck. This will reflect on your past, your present and your future. Certain life lessons or aspects of your life that your guides want you to know about! Giving you insight so that you can change the patterns and start to move forward again. Not only will the card meanings be given but how it applies to your life!



12 month Tarot reading $30.00 (CAD)

Using the John Holland Oracle card deck, I will have your guides help me draw 12 cards that reflect on each month of the calendar starting on the month after your purchase. This can give you an overview of what you can expect during the months ahead. Your guides are always trying to help guide you, or warn you of things that are to come.



3 Card Spread – Past/Present/Future – Relationships $15.00 (CAD)

This is an easy way to understand the past/as well as where you are right now in the present, and what the possibilities are for the future. Remember that the future is not cast in stone. If you don’t like what the cards show for the future, shift your energy, make different choices, and bring in something favorable.



3 Card Spread – Issue- Action – Outcome Spread – Relationships $15.00 (CAD)

This spread is useful when there’s a specific issue that needs to be resolved. The first card will help  you clarify what’s at the heart of the matter. The second card suggestions what you might do to improve the situation. The final card, of course, is what you might expect to happen as a result.



Three Card Spread – Life Lessons $15.00 (CAD)

The first card will represent the lesson that has already been made evident but may not have been embraced or learned. The second card represents the energy that is currently present, whether you are aware of it or not. The third card will suggest that long range lesson is to be learned. It is the arc to your story.

*DISCLAIMER* – My predictions are not meant to change any ones lives and do not want someone to change their lives based on my predictions. Do not take my predictions over the advice of your DR’s. I hope that you keep my predictions in mind, so when it happens, you can say “I knew that!”

Terms and Conditions

Cheri22 readings are for entertainment purposes only and are only suitable for those aged 18 or over

No responsibility or liability is, can or will be accepted by anyone involved with Cheri22 for actions taken as a result of readings or advice obtained from this site. It is always your own responsibility to exercise your own judgment and trust your own feelings when making decisions and choices about your life. No medical, financial, legal or other specialist advice will be given – if in doubt you should always consult a qualified professional.

I collect the minimum amount of personal information to enable an accurate reading and will respect your privacy and not pass any information on to third parties or to use it for any purpose other than to offer readings, therapies and healing.

All readings are entirely confidential and will never be discussed or disclosed to any third party.


The purchase of an individual and personalised reading grants you access to the skills of Cheri22 and my guides. From the moment you place your order, your situation could be being contemplated and the process to deliver your reading to you underway. As a result, no cancellation will normally be considered.


I believe that you will be delighted and amazed with your reading. However, should the content of the reading not meet your expectations – no refunds will be given as I offer no guarantee as to the accuracy or relevance of the material. My accuracy is usually around 90% and I do my best to provide you with an accurate reading with my guides. I am always open to questions and feedback about your reading and willing to clarify anything of which I am shown to help you better understand your reading. As the feedback that I receive is always positive I believe your experience will be as well.