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May Specials

Trying to conceive or currently pregnant $30.00

This reading includes the month and gender of your child to come along with any personality traits, looks, career connections, children & marriage. For this special, it will also include how they show your pregnancy, the birth of your child, weight at birth. Information on colors that are associated with your child’s aura, along with what “animal” connection your guides are showing. (this can be something you include in their nursery, color scheme or in their baby book. Will be an animal they are drawn too, but also has meaning behind why they are connected).


*If you have already had a trying to conceive/pregnancy reading within the last 6 months and wanted to upgrade your reading to include this please choose the upgrade button below $10.00

Connection with a loved one Special $30.00

If you were looking for a connection with a loved one, this is the perfect time to use this option! I will try and connect you with one person who has crossed over, include a tarot reading for insight into your life currently AND use the color wheel for one color. Your loved one will provide a message to you based on that color.
All that would be needed is the first name of the person you were wanting to connect with and how you are related. I will provide you the color wheel to choose the color when I schedule your reading.