A new start for someone who is deserving

This year, I am doing something special for someone I know who could use it. They have struggled all their life with one thing after another. I have known her for over 8 years now and have watched her go from someone who was in an abusive relationship, depressed, health problems after health problems, to a wonderful woman who left that abusive relationship, is now focused on improving her health and working on her depression. She is still trying to find that inner happiness I do believe is possible and want to see the start of 2020 to be the start of a great year for her.

Anyone who donates through the link below will receive the following. (All funds will be sent to Anna January 31st 2020. She is unaware of what I am doing for her – regardless of how much I raise for her, I know she will be thankful)

$2.50USD – 1 yes/no pendulum reading OR 1 tarot card reading

$5.00USD – 3 yes/no pendulum reading OR past/present/future life spread tarot reading

$7.50USD – 3 yes/no pendulum reading AND one past/present/future life spread.