Who am I?

My name is Cheri, I am in my 30s. I live on the west coast of Canada with my husband and my two daughters.

How do I do my predictions?

I rely solely on intuition, channeling and automatic writing, and have the help of my spirit guides Tomas and Serlina

What is your accuracy and why are sometimes you off?

I am currently at 90% accuracy rating based on feedback received. I am still learning my gift and there are times my interpretation of the messages I receive might be slightly off. No psychic is 100% accurate but I always strive to do my best. This is why it’s important to receive feedback from the people who have received readings. It helps me fine tune my interpretation skills which improves my accuracy.

Why are you far behind on the free predictions?

I try my hardest to stay on top of everything, but must ask for patience. I work full time (Monday to Friday) and have a family at home. I am usually left with time after my daughters go to bed, and before I hit the sack. I take care of replies first, bypass predictions next, and then try and answer some free requests. I am doing my best to try and catch up.

Is it possible if you predicted JUNE for me, and June passes that I should email back to see if its changed for me?

Please give it time, my predictions usually work that it will be conceive/find out of that year the prediction was done, or edd the following year. So unless you had a major life change where you avoided the first month to match up with, my prediction will stand. You will have to see how it plays out.

Why do you do these predictions for everyone?

First off, I enjoy the responses, the updated emails with confirmations from women that they are currently expecting as predicted. The excitement in their emails, being able to share their joy. This also helps me strengthen my abilities, and I love to help people.

What type of predictions can you do?

I access information on alot of areas, my specialty seems to be ttc and pregnancy, however I have many successes with connecting people with their loved ones who have passed over, marital predictions, money, special days. etc. If I do not get information about a certain question, I will tell you that.

Should I take your predictions to heart, and follow your information rather than my Dr’s advice?

Please don’t. My predictions are meant to be fun, and entertaining. I often foresee certain problems that might be troubling you or causing fertility issues. My predictions are meant to provide insight, not to alter your life or to follow my predictions rather than your Dr’s advice. HOWEVER, please realize that there are certain “issues” in life that pertain to your life lessons that you’re meant to experience, which could mean I am not privy to this information. What is the point of having given yourself a “lesson” to learn in your life, if you have the cheat sheet?