My name is Cheri, and I often go by Cheri22. I have been psychic for most of my life but have begun using my gifts to help others in many aspects of their lives online since 2005.. I find this to be enjoyable and rewarding! I have two girls of my own, and a wonderful supportive husband. We live in Canada on the west coast, and known for our rainy days!

My mom passed away in March 2010, and would tell me numerous stories about things that I would do when younger that would show her my psychic abilities. Whether it was insisting that I was talking to my nana (who had passed over many years previous) or trying to convince my parents to pull over at a cemetery as I swore I knew a little girl there that I wanted to show them. (I had NEVER been to that cemetery before). I had predicted at the age of 16, that I would marry someone I met in a bar (which is exactly what I did at the age of 25). It wasn’t until I started to explore my own gifts, that I fully realized how strong my abilities are and have been providing accurate readings ever since.

My guides Tomas and Serlina have really helped me on this journey and continue to provide insight and direction in my own life.  Opening up to your gifts is always going to be something you can learn, and strengthen and always get better. No psychic is 100%, and it should be about helping your clients and doing what is best for them. Helping them to realize their own potential and providing them the insight when they are feeling lost or have lost all hope.

I help families & individuals who are trying to conceive (or currently pregnant)  connect with the child (or children) to come. I provide a connection to a month and gender as well as important in-depth look at the child’s personality and life paths. I can help those who are feeling lost in their life find their path again.

Whether it’s about providing new direction, answering the age old question of “who is my soul mate” or just proving in-depth look on all aspects of your life I can do it all. All of my predictions will focus on the positive; I try never to provide any negative information as I believe that there are enough negative things out there as it is. I will not lie, nor mislead, as I do believe that honesty is the best policy. If you’re interested in knowing more, visit my blog, as it has more information about me and insight about opening up to your own gifts. To purchase a prediction, please visit the rates/services section of my website!