Meeting your spirit guide:

These steps are always “easy” and amazing when you want to meet with your spirit guide. Whether you already know who they are or just dying to meet, give this mediation a try!

With your feet on the floor and uncrossed, I want you to have your palms face up and resting nicely on your lap. You’re going to read the rest of this information and then close your eyes and allow your meditation to take place.

You’re going to see a white light come into your crown chakra which is located on the top of your head and its going to come from above. It’s going to encase your whole body in a loving and healing white light. You’re going to allow it to fill your body up with this white light and its going to come down your body and out through your toes and go directly into mother earth. Taking away any aches and pains, any stress and frustrations. It’s going to come out your finger tips and again right into mother earth. You’re going to feel refreshed and cleansed and healthy.

Next visualize a ribbon of light (you choose the color and go with the first color that comes into mind!!) and your going to see it wrapping around your legs, then up through your torso and then down each arm, looking like a ribbon covered mummy! When you get to your neck you’re going to tie it into a bow. This will signal happiness, and love, and good health. Then say “Healthy am I, happy am I, wholly am I. Only goodness may enter me, only goodness may leave me, if you’re not from the light please leave”. Say this three times.

Your going to then take three deep breathes… your going to visualize yourself in a park setting, look at the trees that surround you, the grass that is located all around you and a path that you must follow that leads through the woods. You feel at ease in this surrounding, knowing that your heading in the right direction. You don’t feel rushed, and take your time walking along this path as it curves through the forest. You can see up ahead, an opening in the trees, you start to come to the opening and head through.

There is a breathtaking waterfall just up to your left and you watch it cascade down it feels you with a sense of peace. The river heading down back into the forest from which you came. You have been here before, you feel at home. You look around, there are rocks surrounding the area in various sizes, lots of tall grasses and other plant life. You catch movement on the left coming from the area of the water fall. As you turn to your left to get a better look, you see your spirit guides coming to greet you. You notice their hair, and their clothes, and you all smile in anticipation of meeting a “long lost friend”. You recognize them immediately as the guides you have chosen to help you on this journey. You feel yourself giving them a hug, and you’re instantly filled with the knowledge of their names gain. You feel at peace.