😍Event – May 26, 2020 – 1:00pm MST (11:00am PST)😍

If you enjoyed this pop up event and would love to try out one of the psychics who participated, here are a few specials to get you started!

SUZANNE – Healing Messages From Spirit

$13 USD for a three card question with in-depth insight

Cheri – Cheri22 Psychic/Medium

1 mini in-depth question, with two yes/no Pendulum questions included.
$10.00 USD

Ciera – Cece’s Healing Messages

My special will be buy 1 reading get 1 free.
LIVE – 30mins-15 USD$
Please click the button below and send the amount listed to receive your reading.

Cheri22 – Facebook page

Healing Messages from Spirit – Facebook page

Cece’s Healing Messages – https://facebook.com/ceceshealing