If you’ve been following me since 2005, you’d know that I have been labelled the “Baby Psychic” or “fertility psychic”. I’ve been predicting babies online since 2005! You might ask how this came to be, and I’d love to tell you. I belonged to a forum called “Todays Parent” There was a community fertility group on there when women who were trying to conceive could give each other advice and support. I was trying for my first child and like every potential new mom was worried about how long it might take.

Jenny Renny was another user was giving fertility readings for other people and I felt drawn to her. It was like something “clicked” for me and I just need that this was what I was supposed to do as well. I’ve been psychic all my life, always seemed to have a knowing of what was to come without fully realizing how to access these gifts, how it could benefit my life, or how I could help others.

I decided to start offering my own predictions for free. Providing women free fertility readings to restore their hope and offering a connection with their baby. What I didn’t know, was just how much information came flooding in while doing the fertility reading that I felt compelled to include everything I had saw. What their future child(ren) looked like, what personality traits really stood out, a month that they felt connected too and whatever other details I was shown.

When others asked me what it was like, the best way to describe these fertility readings or pregnancy readings, was like I was telling you about what your future child was like, as If I have already met them before and telling you what I remember about them.

Here we are, 2023, and I am still providing fertility readings and pregnancy readings for those who wish to connect with their child before they even come here. This restores hope and excitement which benefits you during the trying to conceive process.

I’ve grown as a psychic, better understanding my gifts and able to expand what services I am able to offer my clients. I’m looking forward to providing you with a fertility reading or a pregnancy reading. (or any other service that you feel connected too).

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