How to open up your psychic abilities

We all have psychic abilities, we just need to know how to tune into them. I’ve been psychic all my life, but it wasn’t until 2005 that I learned how to read for others. How to interpret the messages that I was receiving and explain the visions to my clients. It takes time to understand, but it is possible!

If you’re interested in opening up your abilities, here are 5 quick tips to get you started.

šŸ”®Spend time in nature – Nature can help to open up your senses and tap into your intuition. Take some time to sit in the park or go for a walk in the woods and observe how you feel.

šŸ”®Practice meditation – Meditation can help to quiet the mind and open up your awareness of the subtle energy around you. Spend some time each day practicing breathing exercises and mindfulness.

šŸ”®Connect with crystals – Crystals can help to amplify your energy and also be used as a tool to help you focus your attention. Find one that resonates with you and carry it with you or keep it near you when you are meditating.

šŸ”®Pay attention to your dreams – Dreams can be a powerful source of information. Pay attention to the symbols or messages you get in your dreams, and write them down or draw them out when you wake up.

šŸ”®Keep a journal – Journaling is a great way to document your spiritual journey. Write down your thoughts and insights as you explore your psychic abilities. This can help to give you clarity and insight.

Are you looking for a “Baby Psychic”?

If you’ve been following me since 2005, you’d know that I have been labelled the “Baby Psychic” or “fertility psychic”. I’ve been predicting babies online since 2005! You might ask how this came to be, and I’d love to tell you. I belonged to a forum called “Todays Parent” There was a community fertility group on there when women who were trying to conceive could give each other advice and support. I was trying for my first child and like every potential new mom was worried about how long it might take.

Jenny Renny was another user was giving fertility readings for other people and I felt drawn to her. It was like something “clicked” for me and I just need that this was what I was supposed to do as well. I’ve been psychic all my life, always seemed to have a knowing of what was to come without fully realizing how to access these gifts, how it could benefit my life, or how I could help others.

I decided to start offering my own predictions for free. Providing women free fertility readings to restore their hope and offering a connection with their baby. What I didn’t know, was just how much information came flooding in while doing the fertility reading that I felt compelled to include everything I had saw. What their future child(ren) looked like, what personality traits really stood out, a month that they felt connected too and whatever other details I was shown.

When others asked me what it was like, the best way to describe these fertility readings or pregnancy readings, was like I was telling you about what your future child was like, as If I have already met them before and telling you what I remember about them.

Here we are, 2023, and I am still providing fertility readings and pregnancy readings for those who wish to connect with their child before they even come here. This restores hope and excitement which benefits you during the trying to conceive process.

I’ve grown as a psychic, better understanding my gifts and able to expand what services I am able to offer my clients. I’m looking forward to providing you with a fertility reading or a pregnancy reading. (or any other service that you feel connected too).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What information is needed for a fertility reading?
A. Please do not provide a ton of information when booking your fertility reading. The ONLY information I need, is your pregnancy history! How many times you have been pregnant including any losses.

Q. If I had a miscarriage, would this change my fertility reading?
A. Yes! I can’t predict a loss, so it’s not something I would be able to warn you about. If you experience a loss after your reading was completed, an update on month and gender is FREE! Please email – in the subject line should say “LOSS – UPDATE NEEDED”. To speed up the process, please include in the message an updated pregnancy history. How many times you have been pregnant including any losses.

Q. What’s included in a fertility reading?
A. Each reading is different. You can expect to receive a month connected to your baby (Either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in. You will also receive the gender of the baby I am seeing coming. Personality information is included, and is unique to your child. Your guides will usually focus on some traits that will recognize allowing you to have a glimpse into what your child will be like. Some readings include pregnancy details, labor/birth information and career paths of your child to come. I never know what will come through until I get started.

Q. How long does a reading take once payment has been made?
A. Most readings are completed within a 5 to 7 days turn around. (Unless you have used the rush option in the drop down menu)

Q. Do you provide other psychic readings?
A. Yes! You can choose from life questions like career, relationship insight, connection with a loved one who has crossed over. I have tarot readings for further insight, reiki sessions for healing and pendulum readings for quick insight.

Q. Do you offer other payment methods other than paypal?
A. Yes! My website uses paypal for check out, if you check out as a guest you can use your credit card/debit card to check out. I also have a friend who allows me to use her Venmo (she sends it to me right away). As I am in Canada, we don’t currently have access to venmo. If you’re a Canadian too, you can etransfer as well. Payment would be sent to If you wish to use venmo to make your purchase, when emailing me, please put VENMO NEEDED in the subject line.

Q. Do you offer free readings?
A. Yes! I would love to help many people and I know not everyone can afford to purchase a reading. I offer contents through my Facebook page where you can enter to win. I also have contests through my Facebook group as well. There are other ways to win free readings as well. (try signing up to my newsletter šŸ˜‰ )

Q. How long have you been providing readings?
A. I have been doing readings online since October 2005. For an entire YEAR I provided Free Readings. I eventually needed to charge because I was receiving emails from people demanding to know where their free reading was.

Fertility or pregnancy reading

Are you looking for a fertility reading?

If you are looking for a trying to conceive reading, or a pregnancy reading you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been psychic all my life and started helping clients in 2005 providing readings. My main focus is on fertility readings or pregnancy readings but I can provide insight on all aspects of your life.

How do you get started? You can purchase the fertility reading or pregnancy reading here.

After you make your purchase, I prefer to receive MINIMAL information. The only information I require, is how many times you have been pregnant including any losses. If you have chosen one of the family readings, where you are given information on additional children here (or yet to come) you would need to provide their first names and DOB. That’s it! This information would be sent to

What can you expect from a fertility reading or a pregnancy reading?

Each psychic reading I provide is unique. Your Spirit Guides provide you with information you will connect with. Trying to conceive can be stressful, your guides want to help alleviate some of the stress. They do this by providing you insight into what your child will be like. They provide a month they will be connected too, either the birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in. Your guides provide insight into their personality, their likes and dislikes along with what type of career they would be linked too and children they will have. Some readings include labor and delivery, and others will focus on how your pregnancy will go. Each reading is unique!

If your preference is to have a fertility reading but also have life questions, I have other options that offer a perfect blend of both! You can find the Life Max reading here . This reading will cover up to 5 questions/areas. You can choose what each one will be. You can have 3 siblings and 2 life questions, or you can use it for 5 questions about life including a Relationship reading.

If you are unsure which reading is going to suit your needs, please email with “READING REQUEST” in the subject line. Let me know what subject you would like to have covered and I can let you know which psychic reading will cover what you need. All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.

Black stray cat I found at my house.

Have you ever had a dream that stuck with you all day?

I dream ALOT. Pretty much every night. Some of the dreams are fairly normal but ALOT of them are a little on the crazy side. Last night was no different.

In this dream, somehow I ended up on this safari tour, you know the type where you are able to take some sort of bus and go and see all of the animals. Our bus pulled up to this green house like place and we were surrounded in a jungle like place. Huge green trees and plants everywhere. We were directed to go inside this glass greenhouse. It seemed strange but as part of the tour I did what they said. We all funneled in and awaited to see whatever animals would be next.

No sooner had they closed the door to the glass greenhouse, they released all of the “wild cats”. It seemed like a mixture of things like bobcats, cougars, panthers – you know the type. I was scared, noticed that these cats started breaking through the glass and coming into the greenhouse and they were literally attacking people like we were their main course meal! I managed to climb into the wooden rafters (is there actually wooden beams in a glass greenhouse?! haha) and I waited. Laying horizontally, with my back towards the ground I waited. Scared, holding my breath and just waiting for this nightmare to end. Realizing that other people below me were crying and screaming as they were being killed.

The room became quiet, and I waited. Next thing I know, a giant black panther leaps up, and grabs me by the left side of my neck/shoulder area and drags me from the rafters. This is when I wake up. My heart racing and me feeling like this had actually just happened to me, and realizing at the same time I had just died in my dream. (or knowing that I would be dead shortly, scared me enough that I woke up?) It was hard to go back to sleep, shaking off the obvious nightmare and now adding to my list of things I am afraid off… panthers that can literally jump up and grab you from the rafters and bring you to your death.

I am a true believer that a lot of dreams are messages from our Spirit Guides. They can be answers to problems we have been facing in our waking life, other times it’s direction that they think we want to go. I have had warnings come through dreams that have better prepared myself for what was to come.

I often turn to dream dictionaries if I feel there is meaning behind the dream. What could they be telling me, what insight from this dream (or nightmare in my case!) can I take that would benefit me in my waking dream.

Today, I turned to to further interpret this dream. According to this website a panther means this:


To see a panther in your dream signifies lurking danger and enemies working to do you harm. It represents darkness, death, and rebirth. On a more positive note, panthers signify power, beauty and/or grace. Consider the feel of your dream to determine which meaning applies.Ā Ā 

Add in the interpretation of the Jungle:


To dream that you are in a jungle signifies aspects of yourself and your personality that may be inhibited. You may be experiencing some chaos and unpredictable circumstances in your waking life. Consider the phrase “it’s a jungle out there!”Ā 

When I did get out of bed this morning, this nightmare/dream was still heavy on my mind. In fact, my left shoulder/neck area has been “kinked” this entire day making it harder to turn my head. Same spot the “panther” bit me in the dream!

What do you think this means?

For me, there is more to what this can symbolize knowing what was happening before bed. 6 weeks ago, we started seeing a cat (has to be under 1 years old) around our house. He was skinny, super affectionate and wanting to be around us. I started feeding him as I kept trying to locate where he might live. Tried talking to neighbors, posting on Facebook, Facebook groups as well as a neighbor website (nextdoor) all in the attempt to locate his home. I took him to a local vet, who was able to determine he had no tattoo, no microchip so he wasn’t registered in their system despite the fact that he had been neutered. This was heartbreaking. I brought him back home, continued to keep an eye on him, feeding him twice a day but unable to bring him into my home. (My husband isn’t keen on adding an additional cat to our home). I tried putting a collar on this stray cat in the hopes that if he did have a home they would call me. A week later, no call.

Last night, I posted in a mom’s group. Torn on what to do. Do I find him a home myself, or do I take him to a local animal shelter. My post in the group had a few people thinking they were his (ended up not living anywhere near us, and their cat had a tattoo) and others volunteering to take him. A woman who belongs to a cat trapper group messaged me, saying that a lot of people will often say that a cat is theirs when it’s not, and suggest that they take the cat to one of the shelters they work with. This location would ensure he is healthy, do a bit more to try and find his previous home if possible (they have more access to other sources) and if no hits, will find him his forever home.

So last night, I ran from feeling relieved that this kitty will find a home, a place that someone will love him, cuddle with him and where he can feel safe. Not living in a hedge. The other side of me, felt guilty taking him from the neighborhood and people/cats he has come accustomed too, and putting him a strange place where he is going to be “alone” for 4 days. Worried that he won’t be adopted out and spend the rest of his life stuck in a shelter… Feeling worried/guilty big time.

So how does this relate to my dream last night? This stray kitty is pure black… My dream represented a black panther, which I think actually represents the turmoil/chaos I have been feeling yesterday about the choice I had to make. Whether to give him to someone, unknown if they would actually treat him well or find out they weren’t nice and he wasn’t happy.. or take him to the shelter and worry that he won’t find a home and be there, unhappy “forever”.

It was a tough decision. We decided that going to the animal shelter would be better for him. This way anyone who adopts him is properly vetted, ensuring that they can provide a safe and loving home for him. The fact that he is under 1 years old is definately in his favor. Add in the fact that he is super sweet/affectionate, they feel he will be adopted quickly.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you interpret your dreams?

Pregnancy photos

How Does A Fertility Reading Work?

I have been providing psychic readings since October 2005. (Gosh that makes me sound old!) Although I have had psychic abilities all my life, it wasn’t until that I was 16 years old that I started to realize what was happening to me. I would often be given “warnings” before something would happen, and allow me to better prepare myself. (including knowing that a boyfriend would break up with me 2 days in advance!) I was 16 when I told my best friends I would marry someone I met in a bar. I met him in a bar when I was 21 years old, at this point, we have been together since 1996, that’s almost 25 years together and married for 20 of those.

I realized my gifts heightened after the birth of my first daughter and started doing fertility readings in the Todays Parent Forum shortly after. I know the struggles of trying to conceive, seeing the negative on your pregnancy test, or each time your period shows up. The sense of defeat, the self doubt, and worry that comes along with it.

A fertility reading not only gives you something to look forward too, but it also helps release the stress and worry if this is going to happen for you. You can connect better with your child before they have even come here in the world!

So how does this work? After you have purchased your Trying to conceive reading the ONLY information I will ask for, is how many times you have been pregnant including any losses. That’s it. My guides don’t show me miscarriages so it’s not something I can predict.

When you provide your pregnancy history for your fertility reading, it allows me to connect with you, your Spirit Guides then show me a snap shot of your family photo. It’s almost like I have seen a family picture of you before, and I am explaining to you what everyone looks like. Depending on which reading you have chosen, whether it was a fertility reading for one child, or to include multiple, your Spirit Guides will start to provide me details of your child. Every reading will come with a month that your child will be connected too. This would connect as either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in.

Your guides then start to focus on other aspects of your child to come. I never know where their attention will go, whether they focus on the personality of your child, the looks, or even the likes and dislikes. I have had them talk about the birth plan, where you would be when you give birth, what the hospital room looks like. Other times, your spirit guides focus on what the child looks like, how they might like to wear their hair. Personality traits, how they might get along with siblings and other people as well as yourself.

The way the images come through is like I have met this person before. That I remember what they are like and telling you about someone that I actually know, even though in this life we have never met.

I feel your Spirit Guides share with you information that allows you to connect to your child. Certain characteristics that match you or your significant other that you can resonate with.

I love when my clients email me with updates. Letting me know they got their positive pregnancy test, and then again when they confirm the gender that they are carrying. Here is a recent message on Facebook I received. (shared with permission)

If you received a reading from me in the past, but experienced a miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy, please email with “LOSS – UPDATE NEEDED” in the subject line. Please include in your message an updated pregnancy history.

Click here to purchase a psychic fertility reading

Click here to purchase a life reading

My Grandmother…

My grandmother passed away on the 20th of this month.

Is it wrong that I am “happy” for her? When I mention that to people, I get the oddest look and realize that my sentiments might come across as a bit odd.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sad for me that she is gone and I will miss her, but she did live a long life (She was 89) and for months now she has been saying that she is “done”. (Including saying if she found a way to kill herself she would do it if she knew it would be 100% successful).

The last few weeks were difficult. I spent time with her, we chatted about life. Her history (something I always enjoyed but she felt like she was always repeating herself) She was starting to not be as aware as what would be considered “normal” for her.

I had stopped in on the 18th, brought her some timbits (Mini donuts here in Canada) as I heard she hadn’t been eating. My grandmother has a sweet tooth so figured I would get something into her. I walked into her room, and stopped dead in my tracks. The woman in the bed did not look like my grandmother, and my very big imagination tried to convince me it was a “walking dead zombie”. I laugh now, but standing in the room, trying to understand that this was actually my grandma and not a zombie so I didn’t run out of the room scared took a bit of time!

It was downhill from there. I was unprepared on how much she had changed in a week since I had seen her last.

Jan 20th, knowing what to expect, I told the family I was going back. I wanted to be there for my grandmother. I had located a “memoir” she made me, 22 pages of stories typed up that she remembered from when she grew up that she gave me a few years ago. No one in the family I guess was aware that she took time to do this, or that I had it. I brought it with me, sat beside her bed and held her hand. I told her I loved her. I talked about our family members, what was new with them, how my one Aunt (her daughter) wouldn’t make it to see her that day as she has dr’s appts she has to deal with and that she loves her. My grandmother being sedated by morphine for the pain, tried to talk (or what sounded like her trying) and I comforted her, letting her know I know how difficult it was for her to respond, that I was there and that everything would be okay.

11am and my Uncle showed up, we talked a bit, and I had to head back home. I turned to my grandmother, told her I would see her Wednesday and that I loved her and said goodbye.

My grandma passed 2pm, and I know she is happy. She has been reunited with my grandfather and my mother and everyone else who has passed before her. I am happy for her.. Sad for me.

Removing negative energy

Protect yourself from negative energies!

When you start to be more aware of your own psychic gifts, one of the first ones that will open up is “empathic” ability. This will allow you to pick up energy and feelings/emotions alot more easily. It will take you a bit more time to learn if it’s coming from yourself, or the people around you. Starting to be in tune with the emotions of others can also be hard on yourself. If you’re already an emotionally connected person and your taking on a flood of other energy, you might find this difficult to deal with, and might have yourself being more moody than you would normally be.

Let’s face it. There are people out in the world who just carry their negativity with them, and if your around it and not aware of how to protect yourself, your empathic abilities will absorb it like a sponge! Have you ever gotten up in the morning and had a great day. Everything seemed to be going right. You head out to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner and there is another person standing in the grocery isle. Without warning, you start to feel grumpy with all the people around you. Feeling irritated that you might have to wait in line a few minutes longer than you had planned. That your favorite candy bar is not on the shelf. Strange that you would be in a great mood, and then all of a sudden it switches. Alot of this has to do with picking up the emotions from those around you and not releasing them.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from other peoples negativity is to visualize yourself in a cocoon of light. (you can choose whatever color you feel connected too) Saying in your mind “only goodness may enter me and only goodness may leave me, if your not from the light please leave”. This will often repel any unwanted energies from affecting you.

If you are looking to start doing readings for yourself or your friends, you would also want to ensure that your protected from any negative energies that might be where you are. They are often attracted to spiritual energies and being more open to your abilities can do this.

Make sure to sit with your eyes closed, hands in your lap and visualize a light coming from the sky and going into the top of your head, pouring through your body and into your toes. It then leaves your toes and goes deep into mother earth, like roots from a tree. Feel yourself planted firmly. This is a great grounding technique to help protect you.

If your interested in crystals and stones, then look for Black Tourmaline. ThisĀ stoneĀ is known for its ability to positively transform and ā€œcleanseā€Ā negative energy. It is considered to be one of the most powerful protectors in the crystal world, since it repelsĀ negative energyĀ from the receiver and gives it back to the sender.

If you feel like your house has a lot of negative energy built up, look into using white sage. It’s easily the most recognizable smudgingĀ herb, and is commonly used to cleanse theĀ energyĀ of a space.

How long should you meditate for?

There are always going to be different opinions on how long you should meditate for. Let’s face the facts, life is busy. Who has time for 45 minutes to an hour to meditate? Despite that being good for you and keeping your life on track, many of us can’t make that happen.

I would suggest if you have the time to fit in 5 minutes when first waking up, this can set an amazing tone for your day!

Here is a quick guided meditation for you to get you started!

If you don’t have time for a video but still wanted to do a quick meditation, here is how you get started!

  1. Sit or lie comfortably.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally.
  4. Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Notice the movement of your body as you breathe. Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage, and belly. Simply focus your attention on your breath without controlling its pace or intensity. If your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath.

Maintain this meditation practice for two to three minutes to start, and then try it for longer periods. 

Dreams are the gateway to insight in your life!

I dream ALOT. Almost every night. Some of the dreams I have had are just plain “crazy” and others are relatively funny. From the time I dreamt of a giant spider climbing in my cabin window, followed to a tiger that was chasing it, to dreaming that I was in the plants vs zombies game with my kids and fighting to kill the zombies! (Yes they looked the same as the game!)

Dreams can be silly and have no meaning, other dreams are visits from your loved ones who have crossed over, and others still, are ones from your guides trying to answer the questions you seek about the direction and insight you need in your life.

So how do you determine which is which? A dream journal is the perfect way to get started! By using a journal writing out everything you remember and using a dream journal to translate the stronger parts of your dream.

1. Amethyst

2. Dream quartz

3. Hemimorphite

4. Herkimer diamond

Place one or all under your pillow before you goto bed. You will find that your dreams are more intense and visual. Allowing you more insight into the direction that you need to go.

I once had a dream about a very large black spider. He was bigger than a small dog and I was freaked out! He was in my basement suite I had when I was in my early 20s, and he would run behind this arm chair. The arm chair was white, with these huge purple flowers on it. I would pick up a work shoe and chuck it at the spider and he in turn would run behind the arm chair just out of reach.

What do you make of this dream?