Can someone put a curse on you?

6 Aug 2019 cheri

I have many clients who come to me worried that they have a curse on them. They believe that it is affecting their love lives, perhaps their financial situation and other aspects of their life.

I know how scary this can be for some to think that this could even be a possibility! I am here to tell you that NO ONE has the ability to curse you. Despite their best intentions, the only power a “curse” has on you, is what you give it.

The best way to remove the negativity their intentions might have brought (meaning them telling you that you have been cursed!) is to work within your own energy and do a quick cleanse!

Here is how:

Sit down in a quiet place, your legs not crossed, hands in your lap with your palms facing up. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Visualize yourself surrounded in a cocoon of light. Allow whatever color your mind settles on to be what color your cocoon is. Take another deep breath. Now internally say “only goodness may enter this light and only goodness may leave it. If your not from the light, please leave”.

You can do this anytime you have also encountered a negative person. Someone who is grumpy and had a bad day and has affected your mood.

Let me know your thoughts below. Has someone tried to tell you that you were cursed?

4 thoughts on “Can someone put a curse on you?

  1. Deidre

    Yes!!! I actually had a weird thing happen not long ago where I woke up with deep scratches on my harm to where some were bleeding it felt bad but I wasnt sure I dont have long nails and tried to think of every possibility … when I told my family they were saying someone has me in “brujada” its scared me then a week or so later I dreamt of my husbands grandma (who has passed) and she was telling me that someone was trying to harm my unborn baby and that god was protecting the innocent but I had to endure all the bad and believe me we’ve had a lot of bad stuff happening so I kind of believe it just felt so real

    1. cheri

      You should show your husband how he can help himself 🙂 This way it won’t cost him anything and will provide him with the protection that he feels is needed. 🙂

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